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All You Need For a Successful Eden Mint

Join us for the Eden Lansdale, powered by onXRP on the XRP Ledger. To mint, ensure you’re equipped with an XRPL-compatible wallet. onXRP supports two wallet options for your convenience. The mint will be in XRP or you will be able to pay directly with credit card, using your self-custody wallet to claim the NFTs in:

XUMM – A mobile-exclusive wallet (iOS or Android).

GemWallet – A desktop-exclusive Chrome browser extension (Desktop).

Note: to activate either wallet and buy an NFT, you will need to deposit at least 15 XRP: 10 XRP for the wallet activation, 2 XRP reserved for the transaction and 2 XRP to hold the NFT in your wallet. You can transfer XRP to your wallet from centralised exchanges like Binance or ByBit, or through our specialised onRamp functionality, where you can obtain XRP directly to your self-custodial wallet with ApplePay, GooglePay and credit cards.

The following guide will walk you through further wallet setup and offer insights into the Eden Land sale.

Eden Mint Schedule and Pricing:

Date: 22nd of August, 2023.

Mint Type: Late Reveal – Official reveal on 3 PM UTC 12 September.

Whitelisted Phase: Starts at 3 PM UTC. Exclusive to Whitelisted wallet and XPUNKS holders for the initial 8 hours. Limit of 4 NFTs per Whitelisted wallet.

  • Pre-fab: 99 USD in XRP (XPUNK holders 79 USD)
  • Land Plot: 749 USD in XRP (XPUNK holders 649 USD)
  • Dome: 7499 USD in XRP (XPUNK holders 6499 USD)

Public Sale: Starts at 11 PM UTC. No cap on the number of mints for this phase.

Prepare, participate, and secure your unique NFTs in the Eden Lansdale.

More About the Eden NFTs

The Eden Land sale consists of 3 different NFTs, each with its own perks. Dive into the unique NFT offerings within Eden:

Pre-fabs: There are 8602 pre-fabs available during the Eden Land sale. Pre-fabs are individual houses where players can rest, meet others, and make and store their items. These houses will provide utility in the form of crafting, storage, displaying NFTs and renting out to players.

Land Plots: There are 374 land plots available during the Lansdale. In Eden, a land plot has 8 pre-fabs. It’s good for teams who want to be close together. Buying one digital asset lets you own a whole block of 8 houses, available in V1. The only way to get prefabs grouped. We will also offer full customization on the area of these 8 prefabs and the economization of these assets through, for example, renting it out to other players that don’t own real estate.

Domes: Eden consists of 250 domes, and 62 will be offered for sale directly, each with 62 pre-fabs and a market area. Owning a dome is a big deal. Dome owners get benefits such as a spot in the special Demi-Dome, available from V1. Future versions will come with full customization through Software Development Kits (packages of coding tools that help game developers create and modify games easily) and economization like renting out, sponsorships through brand activations or building out an in-game economy that only your dome offers. Note that only 62 will ever be available.

You can find a Twitter thread about the economization of these assets here.

More About Eden: Discovery

In a post-apocalyptic Earth, you’re a settler-clone tasked by the Eden Doctrine to construct the city, Eden, for the last humans. Eden is a vast multiplayer city of domes where clones socialize, craft, and scramble for limited resources. While Eden is a community-built digital city, the real challenge lies in the wasteland. Here, you and 19 other clones compete against hostile elements, drones, and each other to gather resources. Enter the wasteland with caution, loot, complete missions, and aim to exfiltrate before oxygen depletes. But beware: dying means losing everything you’ve collected.

About The XRPL Wallets

onXRP offers two XRPL wallet choices: GemWallet and XUMM. GemWallet is a decentralised browser extension designed for fast transactions and smooth integration with Web3 apps, placing a premium on privacy. Similarly, XUMM is a decentralised XRPL mobile wallet application.

Setting Up XUMM Wallet:

  1. Download the App: Head to the App Store or Google Play Store on your phone, search, and install the “XUMM” app.
  2. Password Setup: Launch the app and input a 6-digit password.
    1. Safety Reminder: Always keep your secret keys private. Remember, XUMM won’t ask for them. Be wary of scams and report suspicious behaviour.
  3. Account Setup: Follow the in-app directions to establish a new account.
  4. Wallet Creation: Note down your secret key, which consists of 8 rows of 6 numbers. Confirm the key by typing it in.
  5. Account Safety: Write down your new XRP address. Press to copy it. For enhanced security, set an additional password or enable FaceID.
  6. Wallet Activation: Forward 10 XRP to your new XRP address.
  7. Deposit to XUMM Wallet:
    1. Already have XRP? Transfer it to your new address from any exchange.
    2. Need XRP? Navigate to, purchase XRP using your preferred method (Credit Card, Apple Pay), then send the XRP to your XUMM wallet.

Setting Up GemWallet:

  1. Download the GemWallet extension for Chrome.
  2. Opt for ‘Create a New Wallet’.
  3. Input a password and verify it.
  4. Document the provided seed phrase securely. Click ‘Next’.
  5. Paste the seed phrase back in and press ‘Confirm’.
  6. To activate and fund your wallet, move XRP from an exchange. Remember, the initial 10 XRP transferred remains locked to activate the wallet.

I Want to Pay for an Eden NFT using my Credit Card

To purchase an Eden NFT using a credit card on onXRP, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in at via your XUMM or GemWallet app.
  2. Navigate to:
  3. Choose the NFT(s) you wish to purchase.
  4. Determine how many of the chosen NFT you’d like, then click ‘Mint’.
  5. Click the ‘Fiat’ option.
  6. You’ll be taken to the BANXA interface.
  7. In the BANXA interface, verify the specified amount, choose your payment method, and click ‘Create Order’.
  8. Enter your email, select your country, and review the terms and conditions. If in agreement, acknowledge by ticking the checkbox and then click ‘Next’.
  9. Enter the code sent to your email. Afterwards, you’ll be guided to a page to provide your payment information. Ensure all details are accurate, then click ‘Confirm’.
  10. Select ‘Make Payment’.
  11. For non-US users, review and confirm the currency conversion rate. If satisfactory, click ‘I agree’.
  12. After completing the payment, click ‘Return to onXRP’.
  13. Your payment will briefly process.
  14. After processing, go to ‘Shopping Cart -> Claims’ in the top menu. Here, you can lay claim to your NFT.
  15. To claim, open the claim menu and choose either ‘Claim’ or ‘Claim All’.
  16. A prompt will appear on XUMM or GemWallet requesting you to authenticate the NFT transaction.
  17. Well done! You’ve successfully bought the NFT with your credit card. To view your acquired NFT, visit your profile.


You can use either the XUMM wallet (mobile) or GemWallet (desktop Chrome extension) with onXRP.

For the public mint, you need at least 215 XRP: 10 XRP for wallet activation, 2 XRP for the transaction, and 2 XRP to hold the NFT, and circa 200 XRP for the pre-fab. For the whitelist mint, you need at least 215 XRP: 10 XRP for wallet activation, 2 XRP for the transaction, and 2 XRP to hold the NFT, and circa 175 XRP for the pre-fab.

The Eden Land sale offers three NFT types: Pre-fabs (individual houses), Land Plots (collections of 8 pre-fabs), and Domes (exclusive structures with added benefits).

The Whitelist mint starts at 3 PM UTC on the 22nd of August, 2023 and the Public mint starts at 11 PM UTC.

Absolutely! You can purchase NFTs directly using a credit card, and then claim them in your self-custodial wallet.

Eden is a post-apocalyptic multiplayer digital city where clones navigate a vast landscape, socialize, craft, and venture into the wasteland to gather and exfiltrate scarce resources.

After successfully minting, you can view your acquired NFT in your profile on the onXRP platform.


Before minting your unique NFTs:

  • Equip yourself with an XRPL-compatible wallet. onXRP offers two main choices: XUMM (for mobile) and GemWallet (for desktop).
  • Remember the costs: 10 XRP for wallet activation, 2 XRP for the transaction, and another 2 XRP to hold your NFT. Transfer XRP from exchanges like Binance, ByBit or directly via ApplePay or GooglePay.

Eden’s NFT offerings include:

  1. Pre-fabs: Individual houses with functionalities for crafting, storage, and more.
  2. Land Plots: Collections of 8 pre-fabs, ideal for teams wanting close proximity.
  3. Domes: Exclusive structures with 62 pre-fabs and marketplaces, providing owners with unique benefits and customization options.

Minting commences on the 22nd of August, 2023, (3 PM UTC whitelist; 11 PM UTC Public) with pricing variations for XPUNK holders and general public. Eden’s backdrop is an intriguing cityscape where clones confront the challenges of a wasteland in search of resources.


Make sure to navigate through the provided guidelines for complete wallet setup, NFT purchase methods, and to understand the broader narrative of Eden. Dive in, explore, and secure your spot in this immersive digital realm.

Louis de Jong
Louis de Jong