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Complementary XRPL Consulting Services – Now 0ffered by onXRP

The onXRP team is thrilled to announce that complimentary XRPL consulting services will be offered to projects that launch via the onXRP Launchpad. This is an exciting opportunity for new NFT projects to receive customised guidance and advice from the team that has brought forth some of the most successful projects on the XRPL.

XRPL Consulting

The XRPL consulting services can help new projects navigate the complex world of XRPL NFTs and identify potential risks and obstacles. The team’s expertise and experience can help projects develop strategies for growth and expansion and offer insights into best practices and common mistakes to avoid.

What sets the onXRP consulting services apart is the fact they are executed by the XPUNKS team – the largest NFT project on the XRPL. The XPUNKS project has achieved great success with over 3,000,000 XRP in secondary sales, the largest amount of holders, and the highest recorded sale of over 100,000 XRP. Currently, the XPUNKS project holds the top spot on the XRPL for each instance. Sharing the expertise and insights of the most successful project in the XRPL NFT sphere will provide significant benefits to other projects.

Customized Guidance

Customization is a cornerstone of the onXRP consulting services. As each project is unique, the team recognizes the importance of providing customized guidance to meet the specific needs and wants of each project.

To ensure each project receives the best possible advice, the onXRP team will offer personalized guidance from all team members on a range of topics. From NFT development to blockchain technology, onXRP’s team has extensive experience and knowledge that can be leveraged to help new projects succeed.

Access to legal documentation is also an integral part of the consulting services. Legal compliance is crucial to the success of any project, and onXRP has already organized legal documentation that meets regulatory requirements. This ensures that new projects can launch with the confidence that they are operating within the bounds of the law.

In addition to personalized guidance and legal documentation, onXRP will also provide introductions to a network of contacts to accelerate growth. This network includes individuals and organizations with extensive experience in the NFT and blockchain space, as well as those in related industries. These contacts can help new projects establish valuable partnerships and collaborations, paving the way for long-term success.

By offering customized guidance, access to legal documentation, and a network of contacts, onXRP is providing new NFT projects with the resources they need to thrive in the complex and rapidly evolving world of NFTs. Whether a project is just starting or is looking to take the next step in its development, onXRP is committed to providing the support and guidance necessary to achieve success.

Long Term Growth

In addition to offering customized guidance, onXRP will also help new projects create a sustainable web3 brand that will continue to grow long after launch. This service will be particularly valuable for projects that have a lot of potential and strengths, such as building communities, offering excellent utility, or having great art.

It is important to note that the XRPL consulting services provided by onXRP are only available to quality projects that meet certain standards. However, the team believes that by offering this service, they can help bring in more business and contribute to the growth of the overall XRPL NFT space.

With the launch of this exciting feature, the onXRP team is paving the way for new NFT projects to succeed in the complex world of NFTs. By providing customised guidance and advice, along with access to legal documentation and a network of contacts, onXRP is committed to helping quality projects grow and thrive in the XRPL NFT space.

Kaj Leroy
Kaj Leroy