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Koen van Schaijk
Koen van Schaijk

Understanding the OXP Airdrop

The onXRP ecosystem owes its existence to the incredible XPUNKs and their vibrant community. To show our appreciation and reward XPUNK and OXP holders, we have committed 10% of the total OXP supply to a series of airdrops: 5% for XPUNK holders who possess 0.1 XPUNK or more, and another 5% for OXP holders with any amount of OXP tokens. Please note that these airdrops are exclusively available to self-custodial wallets like XUMM, as this is where the majority of XPUNK/OXP holdings are currently located.

The airdrops will be distributed linearly over the course of 12 months, with a monthly airdrop scheduled to bolster the circulating supply in an organic manner. The amount each holder receives per month will directly correlate to the size of their XPUNK/OXP holdings: the more XPUNKs and/or OXP a holder possesses, the more OXP they will receive in each airdrop. This initiative is our way of giving back to the community that has been instrumental in making the onXRP ecosystem a reality.

The Distribution Process

Out of the total OXP supply, 10% amounting to 25,000,000 OXP will be distributed over a span of 12 months.

To ensure monthly airdrops, the 10% (25,000,000 OXP) is divided by 12, resulting in 2,083,333 OXP allocated per airdrop.

This number is further halved since XPUNKs and OXP holders receive separate airdrops. Hence, 2,083,333 / 2 = 1,041,667 OXP for XPUNK holders and 1,041,667 OXP for OXP holders.

The OXP Airdrop

Currently, approximately 28,000,000 OXP are in circulation. With the above calculation, holders will receive approximately 1 OXP for every 26.87 OXP they possess during the first airdrop (or 0.037 OXP per OXP token held). As the airdrops continue, more OXP will enter circulation, leading to a change in the ratio over the next 12 months.

The XPUNK Airdrop

To be eligible for upcoming XPUNK airdrops, a minimum holding of 0.1 XPUNK is required. With 5,000 tokens in total, each full XPUNK token grants its holder 208.34 OXP.

Additionally, when minting is enabled, exchanging your XPUNK token for an XPUNK NFT will still qualify you for the OXP airdrop. We will consider XPUNK NFTs as 0.5 XPUNK tokens for the airdrop calculations.

Any undistributed tokens will be allocated to the value creators section of the tokenomics.

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Koen van Schaijk
Koen van Schaijk